Your home’s siding is integral to its overall appearance and health. Deteriorating siding gives the impression that your home’s exterior is not sound and brings down the value and curb appeal.

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Siding Services

Bella Construction is committed to 100% satisfaction and top-quality services. We handle all your siding needs, from maintenance to siding panel repairs.


Services for siding maintenance depend on siding materials. Sidings require yearly inspection. Wood siding requires repainting and resealing every few years to keep it protected. Vinyl siding requires annual washing and repainting every few years to keep it beautiful and functional.


Warping, fading, holes, mold, and dry rot occur from weather and pest damage, prolonged sun exposure, and excess moisture. Bella Construction can inspect your siding and determine whether it requires repairs or replacement.

Quality and Satisfaction

Bella Construction helps you understand damages and siding options, including fire-resistant siding. We use only top-quality materials from leading manufacturers such as Mastic, LP Smartside, Crane, and Hardie.

Materials include fiber cement, treated wood, cedar, vinyl siding, and composite siding. Our technicians are manufacturer certified, allowing us to include impressive manufacturer and service warranties. Cutting-edge techniques and quality products enable us to individualize your home with different a huge array of siding of all types, styles, and colors.

Best in Siding Services

Contact Bella Construction today  for help choosing the best type of house siding for you and optimizing your home’s health and curb appeal.